A short for Donator used in any situation
Best donor on teamtrees:Elon Musk with 1,000,000 trees
by Not-underscore April 30, 2020
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a parent that just took part in conception of a child and yet has no contact, part in taking care of or providing for the child what so ever. AKA; deadbeat, low life, scum, pos, loser, worthless, whore, sad, etc.
**My sons donor is a male whore who is also pos.

**Anyone can be a donor it takes someone special to be a daddy!
by froggy17 November 30, 2010
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A member of a fantasy sports keeper league who never wins money at the end of the season due to his sub-par management ability.
You never win anything in this league. You're a freakin donor!
by Woody Williams April 13, 2011
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A person who recklessly rides a powerful motorbike, usually a 1000cc Japanese sportbike with illegal pipes. The characteristic behavior includes wheelies, speeding, burnouts etc illegal activity. The moniker "donor" refers to the fact that the rider is eventually very likely going to donate his (still intact) internal organs after a fatal accident.
Did you see that donor? He almost hit my car!
by MotoKiller April 9, 2019
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A donor is a person who likes to drink and smoke pot, or someone who is high and drunk, it is a combination of drunken stoner.
Look at that donor drink vodka when he gets cotton mouth.
by TAB12 December 24, 2009
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Any guy looking to get something for self gratification by either shooting his load into a jar at a sperm bank and getting paid for being a jerk-off OR by sweet talking a female into letting his loser-ass fuck her and when she gets pregnant by him he punks-out and won't daddy-up.
Mr. Squirt, aka sperm-donor, went to the sperm-bank where he made a deposit and got a withdrawal because he needed money to impress the hotty he had a date with that night where he would make another deposit but no withdrawal.
by jpg3 April 16, 2011
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Extremely stupid person, someone who acts as if they've already donated their brain to science--before they die. Clueless. Dumb as a rock.
OK, what brain donor thought it would be a good idea to leave beer in the freezer overnight??
by JJRtwu2009 December 8, 2008
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