Any guy looking to get something for self gratification by either shooting his load into a jar at a sperm bank and getting paid for being a jerk-off OR by sweet talking a female into letting his loser-ass fuck her and when she gets pregnant by him he punks-out and won't daddy-up.
Mr. Squirt, aka sperm-donor, went to the sperm-bank where he made a deposit and got a withdrawal because he needed money to impress the hotty he had a date with that night where he would make another deposit but no withdrawal.
by jpg3 April 16, 2011
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The person that gets a female pregnant but doesn't help her with the child in any way, shape, or form. In some cases they don't acknowledge the child at all.
I saw my sperm donor today. He came by to see my daughter and had the nerve to be empty handed.
by Arlene August 27, 2003
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I disowned my father so now I call him the "sperm donor".
by anon July 30, 2004
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My Sperm Donor hadn't spoken to me since i was 5, and now im 25.
by Jazzy09 June 18, 2009
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A sperm donor is a man who does the bare minimum with his child.
A sperm donor only does what the courts ordered him to do, pay for health insurance and see child 4 days a month. Can't be bothered with a sick child, ER visits, doctors appointments, procedures, lab work or hospital stays.
by Autismsucks November 15, 2011
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A boy (not a man), whose sole contribution to the upbringing of his offspring can be repaid by sending him a jizz soaked hankie and a note bearing the words "Now I owe you nothing"(an excellent quote from Salvadore Dali).
1. Adam, my sperm donor, is so lame that he gave the State a false employer name right before christmas.
2. Robert, a boy in a girlie man body, is the avatar of all narcissistic, anhedonic, joyless sperm donors.
3. Elliott, who seemed like a decent sort of fellow, was living a lie every time he called himself a 'father'. In fact, given his many failures to live up to the most minimal definition of the word, the best he could hope for is the ignominious apellation "sperm donor".
by Lawrence of Nevada December 6, 2006
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A man that fathers a child but basically doesn't do much else.
"Why don't you ask your husband to watch the kids for girls night out?" Girl #1 asks.

"Girl please. He aint no daddy, he's just a sperm donor. I'll see if I can get a sitter." Girl # 2 says.
by Bollywood Beast May 19, 2011
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