a phrase used by concrete company employees to curse without cursing, by using "donkey" as a synonym for "ass."
Those idiotic donkeyholes don't know how to order concrete, much less finish it!
by Todd Winkler August 14, 2006
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you're such a donkeyhole
what does that mean?
it means asshole you idiot
but pg
by alexa leiva June 3, 2018
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A "polite" substitution for the word asshole.
He's a real donkeyhole.
by Blarg Bilowsky July 14, 2005
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1) A way of swearing, without swearing; so that your Supervisor, Nosy Neighbour, & Middle School Teacher (I am 52) can't whine about it as inappropriate or try to correct you in front of others.

2) He literally and figuratively doesn't know his ass from a hole in the ground, therefore he/she/it is a DonkeyHole.

3)NonGendered word to be applied to those who are deliberately dense or resistant to input from outside of the bubble of bull they surround themselves with. When I use dense in this context I mean neutron star level dense.
The donkeyhole did it again, and I am going to have to stay latevin order to unscrew everything he screwed up today.
Why am I working for him instead of the other way around? Oh I forgot again, it is because I can do the donkeyhole's job, but there is no way in hell he can do mine (snort).
by LeftHandedHummingbird October 11, 2019
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