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when you're taking a hit of the bong and you cough into it and blow all the bongwater out the carb. if anyone does this they get punched in the arm by everyone in the circle.
fuckin noob, you donkey farted it! *punch*
by Jack Rackham January 21, 2009
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Someone whom doesn't understand the process of cleanliness. Showers are foreign to him, bathes a thing of the past, and changing his clothes is an act of stupidity in this guys eyes. He is so used to his body odor that it seems normal to smell the way he does. His clothes are plastered to himself from days of wear, and due to the petrification you must delicately remove them. When one can get the guy to take a shower, it doesn't matter anyway because his incompetence level is so greatly underestimated. Goes in smelling like a dick and out smelling like a scented dick.

Someone too lazy to take a bath so he says the stench is a medical problem, or that he stinks because he just excercised.
By rule of thumb, donkey farts usually come in packs.

A donkey fart is able to affect three large rooms with his stench in under three minutes.
by Usedtolivewithoneofthese January 01, 2010
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