While in the shower you grab the skin of your ballsack at the very bottom and pull it up level with your cock. It will create a pocket and fill with water you can then do the trampoline and it will look like your cock is Shamu and splash the water out just like at Sea World.
I took her to Sea World last night, I don't think we'll be speaking for awhile.
by Piff Ly0ns December 8, 2010
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The act of resting your testicles on a sexual partner's chin while they kneel in front of you. This is analogous to a Sea World seal balancing a ball on its nose only not quite as heinous.
Bro 1: Dawg, Tell me everything. How was it?

Bro 2: On fleek, man. We were sea worlding for like a half hour.
by Thurnis Haleyyy October 19, 2014
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When your deathly afraid of sea world, everytime u pass it you wanna scream when you see it. This is a disease to have because sea world is so so scary i cant even explain!! Usually people who have the sea world fear also have the UWU hello kitty fear. SHAMUS ARE SPED, WE WILL ALWAYS REMEBER DAWN, THE SHAMU THAT KILLED DAWN, BYE FELICIA.
omggg sea world is so sped

i have a severe case os sea world fear
by SLAYYYbadass124 June 26, 2022
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When yo dick be flaccid as fuck. Resembling the sad flaccid dorsal fins of whales at sea world.
Home boys had major sea world dick last night, he could not get it up!
by Yassqueen2393 June 15, 2016
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A girls that's really big like one of the whales at Sea World and even though she's really big she insists on wearing skimpy items of clothing.
Person 1: Did you see that big girl yesterday with the mini skirt.
Person 2: Yeah what a sea world bitch!
by IAMTHEMASTERMIND August 29, 2009
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A person of select and unique skill sets needed to handle tough clients and is generally hired by Corporate America to solve problems which save or make money. These same clients or management may someday turn on them for unknown reasons at any time, eating them for lunch. The Sea World Trainer is considered disposable with few lasting benefits, recognition, or legal recourse. Sea World Trainers also live for the glory, and usually die without any.
John used an exciting new format for the ad, but the moron client found it objectionable and chewed him a new asshole, and management fired John without notice to keep the money client happy.

John was a Sea World Trainer.
by Aquamar April 3, 2011
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Similar to the San Diego Kiss(or San Diego Thank You), this act is when you kiss someone while taking a leak.
My wife gave me a Sea World Kiss while I urinated my nightly supply.
by Zygi Jables August 1, 2011
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