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a sexual act where-in a male puts on a strap-on-dildo backwards and procedes to position two seperate women both in front and behind and repeatedly moves back and forth between the two women using his penis on the woman in front and the strap on dildo on the woman behind, much like the old fashioned computer game, pong.
i am so tired! last night I was playing dong pong, and it takes twice as much out of you.
by dhuns March 03, 2008
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n. A competitive game that involves the hitting of a ping pong ball with a paddle that is attached in the area of a zipper and a pelvic thrust.
Bob: Dude I just won a sick game of Dong Pong
Frank: Wow, you're the manliest person ever now
by dong pong champ March 25, 2010
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the proudest and most manly game played on the face of the earth. rolling, tossing, throwing or hurling any and all recreational balls into opponents genitalia with masterful control and pin point accuracy. annihilating, possibly permanently damaging, thwarting, beasting and or rendering your rival, (who was most likeyly asking for it) useless are all results of such an awesome, manmazing and mantacular sport.
holy shit, my balls hurt so much! i'm never playing dong pong with you guys again!
by cre cam September 22, 2006
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