Another term a partner says when they are done in a relationship.
Girlfriend: oh Eric I am so done with you!!
Boyfriend: so we are over?
Girlfriend: use urbandictionaryy to find out asshole!
by Anoooooooonnnnn December 20, 2015
When you have nothing else to say because the topic made you either embarrassed, angry, or laugh too hard.
Tom: damn gurl you got the booty
Tina: OMG Tom I'm so done with you!
by Bootylicuos March 16, 2014
When you make someone your fool
Legend: "Want to buy a snowboard?"
Kipper: "sure, how much mate?"
Legend: "£300?"
Kipper: "Awesome"
Legend: "ahh only cost me £200, done you like a kipper!"
Kipper: "Where does that saying come from anyway?"
Legend: "From me when I sold you a snowboard!"
by theRealPhantomPleaseStandUp January 12, 2015
A quote from Noah Centineo at the People’s Choice Awards 2019. No one quite understands what he meant, and it has become a joke.
“It matters not, what you've done, but what you do with what you've done... for others“-Noah Centineo 2019
by nopebye November 14, 2019
To be honest this quote make absolutely no sense by go off. Noah scentedmayo said this at an award show.
Me: “That girl was rude, I’m going to go kick her.”
My Friend: “it matters not what you’ve done but what you do with what you’ve done for others” , follow the quote or else karma will get ur ass
by goldman420 February 22, 2021