Something you say at the end of every work day when you come home exhausted and life doesn’t make any sense and just isn’t worth it

Something you scream into the pillow in your room when you’re alone

Something you say because you have long-lasting clinical depression that never goes away
I want to fucking die living is only pain and not worth it
by kuykee11 February 12, 2019
Just want to say this because I do want to fucking die.
I want to fucking die today.
by Can I die now January 30, 2019
The phrase all of us say when we make regrets after regrets after regrets. Especially when those regrets bite us in the ass HARD. More likely to say it, and with more passion, especially when the consequences of your regrets are spelt out for you right in front of your face.
Idk why i said this, i want to fucking die.

Idk why i keep doing the same, godawful shit, i want to fucking die.

Why the fuck did i think this was okay, i want to fucking die.

Why the fuck is all of this bullshit happening to me, i want to fucking die.
by _kill_me_please_ September 28, 2022
Something mentally ill people type into the Google searchbar from time to time because they feel an intense sense of desperation and hopelessness but don't think it's serious enough to tell an actual human being.
Should I call a suicide hotline? Nah, I'll just look up "I want to fucking die" and see if a mass media corporation has any answers for me.
by nothing_helps September 13, 2021