to dominate, destroy, or annihilate. Typically gamer jargon.
Dude, we're going to dome on CSGO tomorrow!
by skylasting December 30, 2016
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Reference, literal and metaphorically, of a head/top of any item, solid or abstract. The word is commonly used in sexual references, or in non-sexual references that include pentration of a an item or a toxicant entering your body and 'hitting' you quite quickly that it feels like it went straight to your head, or 'dome'
I'll punch you right in the dome.

This bomb-ass shit hitting me righ' quick straight in the dome!
by Josh FTW December 1, 2007
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the act of obtaining either a headshot in halo and/or head, can be done using either a UNSC issued sniper rifle or a friend/girfriend's oral region
1)DheW got dome when he sniped BigMomba off the tower
2)Jeffery had a hard time getting dome from his hoe Balinda
by dhew May 11, 2008
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Suckage of the penis, head, a blow job.
Henry got dome from that bitch last night.
by WWS July 3, 2005
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A contest held between two or more competitors in which a set amount of beer is ingested by all competitors at regular intervals, usually one beer/minute. A competitor is declared "out" when he or she vomits. The last competitor to have not vomited is the winner. One-on-one domes are usually announced by chants of "Two men enter, one man leaves."

May also be used to refer to the act of participating in a dome.
"I won the dome last night by drinking 13 beers in 13 minutes."


"Did you see those guys doming last night?"
by Cosmo April 21, 2004
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Dome is short for DO ME

easy to say without others knowing
hunter should dome
by wangggg June 1, 2009
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"Dude I was chillin' at the beach with my homeboi and we met this chick who was mad 'bout it. I took her behind a dumpster and copped some dome."
by runcrackah January 15, 2009
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