A person having a large bulbous head with a major receding hairline.
Coll Guy #1: Dang, did you check out that guys dome?

Cool Guy #2: Yeah, he looks like an aging Matthew McConaughey.
by coolguy#1 August 27, 2010
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She's a ho- I heard she gives that 'Edward Jones' DOME!
by Light Skin Killah November 20, 2003
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Catching a fat shack or dome, AKA nicotine buzz. Referred when using a E-cig(Juul, sourin,etc.)
Josh: Bro let you catch a dome in the bathroom
Greg: Aight bro, let me get my juul
by VinnieIsGay April 13, 2018
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to dominate, destroy, or annihilate. Typically gamer jargon.
Dude, we're going to dome on CSGO tomorrow!
by skylasting December 29, 2016
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