The image that results from grabbing the skin of your scrotum and stretching it over your penis to cover it.
Whoa...thats a huge dome dude.
by Ms1990 March 13, 2016
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Dome: when a female wraps her sweet lips around your cock and deep throats that shit like shut up bitch gargle. Just like head, brain, or BJ. Exept dome is a hell of a lot more fun to say, ya dig? Also refers to getting domed, as in high as hell. Blown, blitzed, stoned, blazed, lit... and so on.
Ay bob, Your girl gave me that fire dome lastnight right before i fucked her in her tight lil ass and then I houdinied that shit with jim!


Me: Yo ty lets go smoke this beezy, i guarentee this heat ass murda kill kush will get the both of us domed as fuck! Dude: Chea mu fucka that shits that murda kill fa sho if i dont get domed ima punch yo trick ass tho! Me:Pshh okay just light that beezy i wanna get domed mad quick!
by Deadhau5 July 06, 2009
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The word dome (verb) in it's original context was used to describe the act of smoking a joint entirely to oneself, or "taking it all to one's head", hence the word dome.

In recent years, the word "dome" has evolved with broader implications. Although the verb maintains it's intrinsic quality of consuming something as a whole, it has expanded from marijuana cigarettes to almost anything (especially food). For instance, one would not "dome half of a herring". That simply would not make sense. One must consume the whole thing.

It's important to realize that the word "dome" does not simply mean consume, but is rather a specific style of consuming something. Newcomers to the term sometimes don't realize this and the confusion can lead to gross misuse.
My brother was going to give me a bite of his sandwich, but he domed the whole thing.
by Andrew Beaty December 07, 2007
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to shag someone. sex can be hard to say if u dont really know the person, so you just say something like "wanna do me babe?" instead of "wanna fuck me babe?"

quite a chavvy word.
do me in da back of ur car 2moz luv
by Frooblez April 01, 2007
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When you say it is your turn to receive something already given to other people.
- You have already painted his face. Now do me!
by Pscs July 25, 2010
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Another word for a vape. The dome is any pod-style vape besides a Juul.
(High School Bathroom)
1: Yo bro lemme hit your dome?
2: Yeah for sure bro just don't burn my coil
via giphy
by FiendGuy42069 May 04, 2019
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