Verb. From the expression "to the dome;" the act of ingesting an entire quantity of a substance. Normally associated with druga and alcohol, it describes the act of consuming the whole of a given substance, such as a beer, a joint but not limited to any particular substance. When relating to alcohol and primarily beer, to dome can be associated with "chug" with the focus on the entire contents being consumed. When a blunt is domed, a person smokes it by themselves.
person1: alright, lets make like shepherds and get the flock outta here

person2: but i have a whole beer left

all: DOME IT!
by domeit August 20, 2010
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guy #1-dude,you look really fucked up.
guy #2-yeah...that 40 went straight to my dome<barfs on guy #1's shoe>
by Maxie April 22, 2004
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"Yo L
What up?
I Hit
What else
Say word
And we got it on tonight"
Hey Ma
by Amy Solomon November 7, 2004
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Oral Sex; head; face; dat work
"Put yo mouth on the dick, give me Georgia Dome."
by Jade Grey May 17, 2005
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johnny recived dome by his friends at the party
by john herman September 26, 2005
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