-The buzz associated with nicotine, usually from a juul
- packing tobacco into the bowl of a bong and smoking it
wanna go catch a dome outside
by Natebitch December 20, 2017
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Another word for any type of vape with nicotine. Mainly JUULs (this word is mostly used in this way in certain parts of Northern California)
ex 1
Tim: I caught those freshman dome-ing in the bathroom
ex 2
Bryan: yo Jeremy pass the dome I’m tryna show you these ghosts
by maj^ August 10, 2019
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1. A specific person/character in the game Guild Wars 2
2. Can be used to replaced common words, or even replace parts of words.
3. Commonly used as a swear word
1. Oh hai Dome
2. Ohhh, they got Domeinated!
3. I hate them stupid Domes.
by domness July 09, 2014
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The feeling you get off of nicotine when you’re peaking. Term is very popular in Oregon.
β€œPass the dome”
*passes juul
by Iminacar August 16, 2019
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Reference, literal and metaphorically, of a head/top of any item, solid or abstract. The word is commonly used in sexual references, or in non-sexual references that include pentration of a an item or a toxicant entering your body and 'hitting' you quite quickly that it feels like it went straight to your head, or 'dome'
I'll punch you right in the dome.

This bomb-ass shit hitting me righ' quick straight in the dome!
by Josh FTW December 01, 2007
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the act of obtaining either a headshot in halo and/or head, can be done using either a UNSC issued sniper rifle or a friend/girfriend's oral region
1)DheW got dome when he sniped BigMomba off the tower
2)Jeffery had a hard time getting dome from his hoe Balinda
by dhew May 11, 2008
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