Be sure to keep your dome acne free.
by Light Joker June 2, 2006
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The act of smoking a blunt with only yourself.
Damn yo, you going to smoke that blunt to your dome kate? I am going to call you Kate Dome!
by TheCable April 11, 2008
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The act of recieving or giving oral sex to an atractive person.
"Dude, I'd so give her dome."

"I'd let her give me dome any day."

"I need some dome."
by Jordan Hudson October 27, 2005
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verb, to consume excessively to the point where one must regurgitate
Dome yourself on books. Quit doming that haterade.
by Lu Xiangshang July 25, 2003
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a synonym for fellatio; the act of fellating the male genitalia
Yo, Laurisha, come give me some dome..."Okay," she replied.

Dude, did you check mad dome from Laurisha?
by domebro March 14, 2005
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