Oral sex that is cheap, and often mediocre in quality.
Suzie is giving Dime Dome in the 3rd floor bathrooms.
by Mr. Enderman May 8, 2022
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The dirty doming is the act of when a person engages in sexual activities with at least one gay lover or bastid during a sporting event (football, baseball, kickball, etc) that usually entails the breaking of the bed headboard. Legend has it that if done right, this act will bring a win to the sports team you’re rooting for. Some may refer to this act as scooping and will incorporate a life size lazy susan, dogs, cats, and/or blow up dolls to help the team win.
Yason: Can’t wait for tonight’s game guys.
Yosie: Yea mang, I hope the Rockets can pull off a win. It’s going to be a tough one!
Sanchez: Nothing to fear guys, the win is in the bag! I over heard Kim Do Ming earlier today talking to his lover, BT, about a pulling a Dirty Doming tonight.
Everyone cheers
by The Bastid June 26, 2020
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Hitting someone in the perfect spot where the temple is the weakest and the brain gets rocked
She was asking me why I got a midnight snack so I docked her in the dome.
by squidphish1024 May 2, 2020
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to hit someone in the head in the perfect spot right on the temple to make the brain rock
I docked her in the dome when she said I couldn't have a midnight snack
by squidphish1024 May 2, 2020
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Bob you are thick in the dome, that’s not the correct answer.
by Professor Zak September 26, 2017
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Synonomous with "to the max".
Tyrone: Yo my cousin Tyrese got capped in the knee by some crip ass niggas

Jamal: fuck man , thats sad to the dome
by crankup April 15, 2020
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