A term used to describe a maneuver in first-person shooters (specifically Call of Duty 4 and Battlefield 2) where a player jumps out of concealment or when under fire, then immediately, once on the ground, goes prone and returns fire. In the case of ambushing another player, the dolphin dive takes advantage of the speed of a running jump to surprise a player and throw off his aim and the concealment of the prone position that follows to prevent taking fire once the enemy becomes oriented. In this case, a single combatant is sometimes able to take on multiple enemies at once.
Their top player had mastered the dolphin dive and was deadly when ambushing enemies.
by YamaMotorola April 30, 2008
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Verb - Term used in Battlefield 2 to describe a person who is running, while getting shot at, who then dives to the ground, rolls, and immediately shoots back, killing you.
Hey you dolphin diving M.F.'er, why don't you face me like a man!
by D. Brown September 15, 2006
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during sex on the beach, after a guy finishes he goes down and dip his penis in the sand and quickly puts it back in. he then run away.(dive)
hey dude, lets go dolphin diving!
by sandy randy March 26, 2010
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The process of setting up croquet rings and running slightly crouched through them so that your penis can slip through them and lift them from the ground in rapid succession.
Bill: "Hey look at Tim over there! He's quite good at Washington Dolphin Diving!"

Robert: "Yeah look at him tear those fuckers straight outta the ground!"
by I0I00 July 4, 2011
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A dolphin dive is a patented sex move invented by Lapz at Laurentian University. The move occurs when a man feels obligated to perform oral sex on a woman, then upon arriving "downtown" finds a bush that ressembles the Amazonian Forest (something that requires a bushhog rather than a razor to trim).

At this point a man may perform "the dolphin dive" which emulates the form of a dolphin jumping or the classical dance move "the worm" which brings the man back up face to face with the woman. Thus, avoiding the awkward experience of notifying a woman that eating her vagina would be like chewing dental floss
Friend: Lapz did you go down on her? What'd she taste like?

Lapz: Nah man I had to do a dolphin dive
by Soft French Dick March 3, 2017
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The act of taking the eyes of a chicken, a chunk of salmon, and some dog fesis, and putting them in a blender or mashing them together in a bowl with a spoon. Afterwards, taking the now brown slimy 'liquid' and covering it on the head of your, or your partners penis. The partner will then proceed to suck the 'liquid' off of the head of the penis.
Nate did the T-Triple D (Tree-Dong-Dolphin-Dive) with that nasty slut last night!

I heard that the T-Triple D can make you sick as shit!

When me and my boyfriend did the T-Triple D, I must have sucked 2 pounds off of him!
by impopcicle July 25, 2012
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While sprinting in Black Ops, you go prone, but fly through the air, landing on the ground, and killing whoever is in your way. You also look awesome in the KillCam.
Max: James just did a Dolphin Shot/Dive on me.

Eric: That's gay.
by ThroughThWall November 12, 2010
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