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Downscale neighborhood near the border of Venice Beach and Santa Monica. Spawned the Zephyr surf team, or Z-Boys who went on to revolutionize skateboarding.
I have no example. Just read the above
by m luv May 11, 2005
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n. 1. An low-rent neighborhood of Venice Beach, California where modern skateboarding was, literally, invented.
2. a suburban neighborhood characterized by gang activity
c.f. Venice Beach, gang, gangland, barrio
by wayfarer May 05, 2005
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Venice Beach, CA.
The ghetto by the sea.
Place where new-aged skateboarding began.
Tom: Where you heading for the summer break?
Dave: Venice Beach.
Tom: Oh, you mean Dog Town.
by benormous April 23, 2006
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Refers to the Germantown section of Philadelphia and to the gang of the same name in the same location.
You trying to ride out to Dogtown tonight? They got that germantown brown.
by numbaonestunna September 13, 2008
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Sub-neighborhood in East Mount Airy, northwest Philadelphia pa. It was once a hot-bed of crime, however has since become a lower-to-middle class neighborhood that still "fronts" a hardened appearance because of its dirty streets and predominantly uneducated thug element. Criminal hopefuls who reside in this area refer to it as "up town," in reference to its location farther above the more "real" North-Philly. They will sometimes go so far as to say they live in Germantown, however that area doesn't technically begin until you travel south of Washington Lane.
Dogtown philly, holla!
to which one replies: " whatever, you're from Mount Airy."
by milton gracie August 03, 2008
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A place where one would come from if they where a dog or had dog like features.
Also used to show profound disapproval aroused by something unpleasent or offensive.
-mate, that girls face looks like a chewed cucumber.

-i wonder where shes from?

- dogtown
by September 23, 2007
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Quaint old neighborhood on the west side of St. Louis, Missouri, just below Forrest Park. Notable for it's restaurants and irish herritage.
Let's go to Dogtown and get some grub.
by FatMacMan July 14, 2005
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