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dogs that become obstacles, impeding your movement through a room, building or other location.
I would have arrived more quickly but there were many dogstacles blocking my path.
by Rowena Davis June 16, 2006
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Combination of 'dog' and 'obstacle'. When your dog lays down in your path - usually when you are carrying something heavy and don't see him.
I fell over that dogstacle when I was moving the shelf down the hall.
by macpuppy July 26, 2010
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A doggy obstacle: You trip over your black lab sleeping in the hallway when you get up to pee in the middle of the night.
You: Dude! What happened to your face?
Me: I stubbed my toe on a dogstacle last night and fell into the piranha aquarium.
by AstroDoc July 18, 2009
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