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large dog turd, usually on the footpath or sidewalk
He stepped out of the car right into a larde dog egg
by egg collector January 28, 2004
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A common type of egg found on pavements, sidewalks or even known to appear spontaneously underneath your brand new footwear.

Dog eggs have many varieties, most a thin shelled and need only the slightest pressure for them to crack and smother your footwear in its yolk.

If a Dog Egg is found with used toilet paper nearby, it is either from a very well trained dog, or a gypsy egg.

Many favours, colours and levels of stink have been found. However, attempts to sit on and hatch the dog eggs have only ended in tears

HANDY TRIVIA!!! did you know white dog eggs used to be used by tanners to help make candles? Go get some matches!
Look mommy! That dog is laying a huge egg on the grass, do you think the man with the lawnmower will notice?

John: Damn, we are out of eggs!

Tim: rover.....walkies!

Ok, when I said let's egg some cars....I didn't mean mine, or inside it, or with fresh dog eggs
by TheBadVoice February 01, 2011
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Completey Shit,

Not just standard dog shit but that extra special white dog shit you used to see when you were little.
this macdonalds sandwich is fucking Dog Eggs.
by Burluk November 27, 2008
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In 2014 some of the worlds most intelligent representatives of their generation came together to come up with the word for the most vile, disgusting, new gen grim human behaviour since the bang and what they came up with is the masterpiece today known as 'DOG EGG'
ieva: 'remember eden? aparently she walked the catwalk for london fashion week....'
aaron: 'holy crap show me! jeesuus she is so ugly omg what a dog egg!'
by sxlvxsx November 14, 2014
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A term used to describe something that is 'not good' or 'bad'.

Commonly used as a replacement for the swear word, 'Sh*t'.
That movie was so 'Dog Egg'.

Her breath smelt like 'Dog Egg'.
by tweemo1 May 30, 2012
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