An elaborate act of bullshit, generally used to distract attention away from the sheer uselessness of the actual project or act.
The US Presidential Race.
Any democratic process in the US.

Look at these corrupt assholes talking about non-issues. Man do the ignorant apathetic masses eat up this dog and pony show.
by Jackofallfades August 13, 2012
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an elaborately staged activity, performance, presentation, or event designed to sway or convince people (from a derisive term for a small circus)
Power point was originally used by buisnesses to create a dog and pony show.
by The Return of Light Joker July 23, 2008
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Pretending to be something you're not or doing something that you want people to think is important when it really isn't.
HR person showing the "new guy" around and pretending her job has importance.

"What a dog and pony show she is putting on"
by Steve S August 18, 2005
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A demonstration or proof of concept (often done for a client) to prove the product works as sold or to show how a design on paper looks once actually built. May or may not be a waste of time. Used in the special effects industry among many others.
I have a Dog and Pony show for the director this afternoon. He wants to see how the exploding car rig looks on film.
by Victor Reiner October 3, 2006
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when two or more people or organizations pretend to have a very public grievance with each other in order to create publicity and buzz for their product/service, etc.
Pro wrestling is full of dog and pony act story-lines.
Tito Ortiz made a bunch of rude comments to Ken Shamrock, and Ken lost it and nearly started a fight at the press conference. I know they hate each other, but it's really just a dog and pony show to drum up interest in the fight.
by Fartblossomforyou September 6, 2011
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working to hard for something that aint worth shit
My roommate spent 3 hours preping for a date, he turned the damn thing into a dog and pony show
by Goodpancakes February 23, 2004
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when you get to a bar or club, and there is a line of yuppies down the block, and big black bouncers that won't let anyone in, and you have to piss so badly your bladder is going to rupture.
This is a real dog and pony show if i've ever seen one.
by Johhny Cockrane May 23, 2004
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