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An elaborate act of bullshit, generally used to distract attention away from the sheer uselessness of the actual project or act.
The US Presidential Race.
Any democratic process in the US.

Look at these corrupt assholes talking about non-issues. Man do the ignorant apathetic masses eat up this dog and pony show.
by Jackofallfades August 12, 2012

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The Capitol City of Georgia.

Home to the worst civil engineering in the known world.

Most of the citizens (transplanted yankees) are to terrified of being around black people to actually live in the city, so they live in the suburbs north of town. This is the same scum that clogs the interstates with their luxury import SUV / Crossover / Faggot-Minivans for 3 hours every morning and evening.

Also known as an Island of ignorance. The public education is a joke (The grammar in the other definitions should confirm this).

The citizens are the most pretentious assholes in the world and actually think that this second rate shit-hole is a nice place to live (this might be true if you migrated from an even greater shit-hole like New Jersey or Gary Indiana).

Also, my home town. It was better in the 80s when the murder rate was higher than NYC, at least then we were on top of something.
Atlanta is a shit-hole. I've never seen a people celebrate and worship ignorance like these pricks.

Yeah, well...it still beats living in Detroit.
by Jackofallfades September 28, 2010

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Computers for people who do not understand computing.

An expensive brand of computers with proprietary hardware and software, which is incompatible with almost everything that is not made by Apple.

Apple's marketing relies heavily on claiming superiority over non Apple computers.
A macintosh is not the Ferrari of the computer world, it is the lamborghini.

Sure its pretty and stupidly expensive, but it can't perform at the track like a real performance car (computer).
by Jackofallfades September 14, 2010

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