An elaborate presentation that lacks any imagination or originality, and is intended to impress an audience of rubes or halfwits
I am not going to meet with that sales rep. I've already seen his little dog and pony show.
by LouSara March 20, 2012
A military expression for something so outlandish that you can’t believe it’s actually happening right in front of you. It comes from the low end dive bars in the Philippine islands where they sometimes have live sex acts with women on stage having sex with dogs & miniature horses or a pony.
The government is so screwed up.; Just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse, it turns into a real dog and pony show. It makes you sick to watch it but, somehow you just can’t take your eyes off of it because your mind can’t actually process what you’re seeing.
by aadave1 May 4, 2019
A term used to describe a more useless than tits-on-a-bull project that your useless fuck of an employer has you working on. And when it blows up in their face, they are asking why you didn't work hard enough.
Henry had me working in his shop for customers who only come in for samples and nothing else. That numbnut is running a real dog and pony show.
by straightpoolken September 18, 2004
Banging a girl doggy style while aggressively pulling her hair back with one of your hands into an impromptu ponytail
She used to be a boring lay and only wanted to do it missionary. That was before I bent her over and gave her the old dog and pony show.
by MrDogAndPony February 24, 2014