when someone takes it hard in the ass.
-"Did you see Matt after last night?"
-"Yeah, he really got gebhardt."
by bdix March 23, 2008
A lanky, tall, and dark bearded man in his 30s, who wear glasses from the 90s.

He is also the best Latin teacher in all of the state of NJ. He is currently employed by Ridge High School. His favorite band is My Bloody Valentine and he keeps scary paper mache busts and barbie & ken dolls representing dead Roman folks, billion year old projects, and an "ashes of problem students" jar in his classroom.
mr. gebhardt shaves once a month.

mr gebs: "...it is intense. like shaving."
by Born Nameless October 16, 2008
characterized by an accidental long distance relationship, resulting from the hope of a hookup which inevitably fails. the syndrome affects about 1 in 4 males ages 14-16 and occurs from days at a mall, track meet, and any area where girls will live far away from said males. this often results in unwanted conversations with girls that the person is quite sick of, and usually requires drsatic measures to keep the guy interested, such as a nude webcam show from a close friend.
Dude 1: Bro how'd it go with that chick you were just mackin?
Dude 2: So good man I got her number and I'm definately gonna get with her.

*2 hours later*

Dude 1: What happened to that chick from before?
Dude 2: Didn't have time to get with her, she had to catch a plane back to London.
Dude 1: Wow dude she lives in fucking London? Why does this always happen to you?
Dude 2: Idk man...Gebhardt Syndrome at its finest.
by cumguzzlingnativeamerican June 25, 2009