There are five key defining traits of a Djibril.
1. This person snores loudly.

2. Djibrils bitch/complain about everything. Food, Sleep, women, men, shows…EVERYTHING
3. They eats ass. Self explanatory.
4. A Djibril knows their snacks, however they are not always big…just most of the time
5. They look like they are good at smash bros
Guys beware of Djibril’s. They will take your girl and do bullet point 3.
by Bootylicker069 November 24, 2021
'Djibril' is a French name and it means devil and angel. It means that he has his devil side and his angel .

If you have Djibril as your friend, don't ignore him, disturb him, or make fun of him. He'll show you his devil side.

His angel side is very common to spot on.
Djibril doesn't like to left his friend behind or be left behind. He treats everybody equally.
Most Djibril are introvert but attractive and creative.
The more time you spend with Djibril, the more creative you will get.
by Kashiel Marya November 22, 2021
Is it because he has the name of an angel that Djibril is a child, then a gentle man?

Djibril is sweet, polite, respectful, loving and most definitely funny. And don’t get me started on his dimples, you can see them from mile away. He has moments of his own when he gets bothered by things, and quickly pulls himself back and maintains composure. He understands and empathizes other's emotions and ideas, and takes them all to heart and mind. When he finds his soulmate, he sticks with them, no matter how difficult a situation can get, and keeps looking ahead at what's to come. His love is as deep as the ocean and as wide as the universe itself, and has endless compassion. He will never stop caring for those he loves. Djibril has the strength to even let one go, especially when it's for their best. If you ever get the chance to encounter a Djibril, hang tight and never let go, he's amazing to have around.
I love you Djibril, thank you for putting up with me.
by Groovyd November 22, 2021
NEGRO sexy skinny grand comme une frite rend toute les filles humide quand il rentre dans la pièce , il adore joué à chat et aimé avoir ses règle
This IS Djibril ?
He so skinny !!
by Zboobzboob December 12, 2021
Damn that thing long… Your name must be Djibril or is your father named Djibril ? Ok Djibril !
by Thetruthaug November 22, 2021
-A Big D*ck having A** Nigga
Damn that thing long your name must be Djibril.

Is your father named Djibril. You are a big

Look at you Djibriling out here
by TruthAug November 22, 2021
A handsome, short, sexy man who loves to play soccer. His favorite team is Barcelona and he is a soccer professional! He gets all the girls!
Girl : Have you heard of Djibril?
Girl 2: Yes! I want to ask him out!
by Fahagaha November 21, 2021