The act of pouring money into a piece of shit beater hatchback to make it look "bad ass". Common modifications include rims, spoilers, large racing stickers, dull matted paint, flames, and the occasional neon light. Tinted windows are required.
Jane was furious with her father after he forbid her from dating Carlos, after Carlos dropped her off in his Civic Disservice, and wearing a wife beater shirt that showed off his tribal band tattoo
by Kavka June 05, 2010
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When a business offers and promises "customer service" but actually has an office meant to disservice the customer and keep them from getting the service they were promised and are entitled to. Often staffed by mexicans since they are good at screwing things up and doing nothing right.
So I bought a new tracfone and tried to switch over my old tracfone's numbers and minutes to it. After a week of dealing with the stupid, lying, incompetent pedros in their customer disservice department I just said "Fuck it". They got me for the new phone, the memory for it and the card, but at least I'm not having them steal more of my life wasting time trying to get it to work anymore.
by doktor strangelove August 16, 2011
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A dissservice animal is any dog that is not trained to do work or perform tasks that benefit of an individual with a disability, including a physical, sensory, psychiatric, intellectual, or other mental disability.
My dog Bella is a certified disservice animal who benefits no person with disabilities or otherwise.
by Idiotvillager March 10, 2020
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When an Internet site changes their Terms of Service without giving prior notice and deletes millions of people's blogs, which amounts to a virtual stealing of a person's intellectual property.
MySpace new Terms of Disservice (TOD) has outraged and alienated millions of people whose blogs have been deleted, which amounts of a virtual stealing of a person's intellectual property.
by disenfranchised poet June 28, 2013
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