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A painful and loud bowel movement, containing loose poop with many gas bubbles causing a "Brapt!" sound as it exits. Often the cracks, snaps and splatters of the brapt are accompanied by heavy breathing and moans of pain. The pain can be caused by cramps or the sting of the brapt it's self.

If you catch someone brapt'ing at work, acknowledge by exclaiming "Brapt Brapt!" or "Brrrrrapt!" as they pass by.
"Bob is in stall 2 brapt'ing, he sounds like he is really struggling, you should go listen. He's a champ. Be careful, it smells something fierce."
by Kavka February 25, 2007
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The act of pouring money into a piece of shit beater hatchback to make it look "bad ass". Common modifications include rims, spoilers, large racing stickers, dull matted paint, flames, and the occasional neon light. Tinted windows are required.
Jane was furious with her father after he forbid her from dating Carlos, after Carlos dropped her off in his Civic Disservice, and wearing a wife beater shirt that showed off his tribal band tattoo
by Kavka June 05, 2010
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The act of removing the muffler from your "pimped" hatchback to make it "sound fast" or like a "real car" Similar to children putting a playing card in the spokes of their bike to make it sound like a motorcycle.
Hector, I love Playing Cars! Even though we are doing 25, it sounds like we are in a race car! Look at all those bitches checking us out!
by Kavka June 05, 2010
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The point at which the money you have dumped into your shitty hatch back by adding stupid shit like rims, tint, spoilers and racing stickers equals the cost of a legitimatley nice car that you wouldn't have to disguise with stupid shit like rims, tint, spoilers and stickers.
Barry crossed The Civicdoza Line months ago even before he had the neon running lights installed, he knew he could have bought a Mustang, but new Mustangs had mufflers, and were not as loud as his 93 Civic.
by Kavka June 05, 2010
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The act of putting your hand up when someone begins to speak to you "blocking" their conversation, explaining you have something else to do, then walking away. Best done after you have told that person something that invites a response.
Jerry told me he likes our chances in Olympic Hockey finals this year, he asked me if I thought the team was strong then three words into my response, he gave me The Heisman. Said he had to shit.
by Kavka June 05, 2010
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