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When a business offers and promises "customer service" but actually has an office meant to disservice the customer and keep them from getting the service they were promised and are entitled to. Often staffed by mexicans since they are good at screwing things up and doing nothing right.
So I bought a new tracfone and tried to switch over my old tracfone's numbers and minutes to it. After a week of dealing with the stupid, lying, incompetent pedros in their customer disservice department I just said "Fuck it". They got me for the new phone, the memory for it and the card, but at least I'm not having them steal more of my life wasting time trying to get it to work anymore.
by doktor strangelove August 16, 2011
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A washed up rocker in his 50s that pretends to be an angry goth punk who now makes a living making shitty experimental music with his gold digging wife and talentless Brit asswipe Atticus Ross
Hey man, have you heard the new Nine Inch Nails album? I tell ya, Trent Reznor sucks now that he's married and sober
by doktor strangelove October 19, 2018
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The reason why Nine Inch Nails sounds like shit now. For further reference, consult the following: Hesitation Marks, Not The Actual Events, Add Violence, and Bad Witch
Chad: Hey man, wanna go to a NIN concert?
Jim: No thanks, their music sucks now thanks to Atticus Ross
by doktor strangelove February 12, 2019
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Them: Hey man, have you heard the new album by NIN called Bad Witch?
Me: Yes, and it's total garbage. Only people who like it are brain dead fanboys and fangirls
by doktor strangelove November 09, 2018
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