An unknown artist who performs rap music.
"Yo, you heard that Dismal kid? Hes lit as fuck dog."
by RezeHere May 28, 2017
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Dismal Network is the largest and most active community dedicated to the competitive Hive bedrock scene; Offering Ranked Treasure Wars 4v4s, Clans Vs Clans, Tournaments, and more to come. Owned by Nano, firexi, Egirl, pyth.
What happend to June? They merged with Dismal.
by Dismal Network August 12, 2022
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Dismal Is A Discord Server Owned By Egirl, Pyth, Firexi, Fem, Pio, and another weirdo, Nano. It’s a Great Discord Community. It’s also owned by Islamic People (Make sure u follow 5 pillars of Islam, And do “Dismal Hajj” at least one time in ur life

Dismal offers Hive Scrims against other clans because why not. The server was merged with the other server June. Dismal also offers Textures such as Packs, Skins, Capes, etc. The Person Typing This Is Also A Weirdo and Didn’t Know E-girl was a Boy 💀 We also offer free hackers and make them look bad for entertainment purposes only.

Join Dismal @ NOW !!!
Omg! It’s Dismal
Yo! It’s that E-Girl I love to give French Kisses
by iNotScorpio August 12, 2022
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goofy ahhh server with a bunch of dick lickers ong. the owners of the servers are
mid. but i LOVE zah zah!! and i love 232 kyle road xD. i wuv dismal!!!
dismal? dat goofy ahh discord server with pedos?
by k5tt1es August 26, 2022
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Dismal, meaning botter and drunk, is used in RO
I'm a big ass Dismal!
by Morelli August 12, 2004
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Something that one has done that is considered dismal.
CONG: "I got a C+ on the chemistry quiz."
by Kevin the Cardboard Box March 6, 2021
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A weekend that lacks an element of happiness and treasured company.
My weekend was quite dismal without mel.
by sweatsiemelfan September 20, 2009
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