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The riser an unwanted boner that becomes erect at a slow, even pace. Some experts maintain that the riser can be combated by thinking of fishing, baseball, your naked grandmother, etc. There has never been a documented cure for the onset of a riser.
I was waiting to check out at the grocery store, and I got a riser out of nowhere.
by The Sandwich Maker September 09, 2010

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(n) The dishonorable discharge came into popularity during the Vietnam War when sailors found that the local prostitutes loved having men fart into their mouths. They combined this sex act with the embarrassment of being kicked out of the Navy to coin the term.
Dude, that bitch was so freaky, she let me give her a dishonorable discharge!
by The Sandwich Maker April 06, 2010

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A synonym for the word "asshole" and usually used when speaking about anal sex. The origin comes from hockey. There are five holes that one can score a goal through. Two between the head and both arms and two between the arms and legs. The last one is between the legs. Although typically used by sports fans, the term "five hole" is spreading in popularity.
Dude, that chick takes it in the five hole.
by The Sandwich Maker September 09, 2010

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