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a pretty fun game released in 2012. Kinda steampunk but instead of steam everything's powered by whale oil. Magic and a low/high chaos system to get a good or bad ending. You assume the role of royal protector Corvo Attano of the Empress of the Isles Jessamine Kaldwin, who is secretly your lover. Jessamine is killed by the assassin Daud and his men, and they kidnap your daughter Emily. You're framed for Jessamine's murder by the Royal Spymaster and sent to prison and tortured for 6 months, after which you start the game.
Person 1: hey dude have you played Dishonored?

Person 2: nah man never heard of it.

Person 1: aw man you should've seen me dismembering corrupt city watch guards!

Person 2: sounds fun
by I_want_die July 18, 2019
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