01: Something/Someone that deceives or distorts the truth.
02: Something/Someone that distorts or blurs facts ,figures, etc., like a magic or conjuring work; artful deception; tricky inventiveness.
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When either a person or corporate entity make an offer "look" attractive with window dressing when it really isn't - but in reality they are only using SMOKE AND MIRRORS to distort this so they can keep holding the carrot on the stick in front of you!!! Almost like a Jedi mind trick.
"You will receive a BIG bonus next year and you are your own boss and can do whatever you want to succeed in this office!!" -that was smoke and mirrors. Here is the translation into what that really means:
"You will be chained to your desk. You will work 12 hours a day. You will not get a promotion, ever. You will have 9 bosses. You will receive just enough money to keep you alive while we pay your manager for his private jet and lakehouse in Wyoming. You will die in this place."
by Govenor Tarkin February 23, 2004
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Term used for a woman who seems to have unreasonably large and perky breasts, but upon removal of the bra they succumb to nature's gravitational grasp.
Man, her cans were looking great, but when I popped the bra they dropped down below her knees! It was all smoke and mirrors.
by StePotts November 7, 2008
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when you work for a corporation that has contract meetings with you every year in December to "negotiate" your contract for the following year, but it's just a meeting in which the manager attempts to confuse you with lofty, rarely attainable preditions on how your offices business will grow 20%-30%, and how you will make "X" amount of dollars on your bonus when that happens. What you actually get at the end of the year is rarely what they said you would get, and if you do happen to get your bonus that year, they will make SURE you don't get it the following year!
the manager used smoke and mirros to try and trick me in to thinking i was going to get my bonus next year....but i saw right thru his bullshit!
by chris gum February 23, 2004
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The strongest strain of weed in existence. It was grown in the gardens of Aztec emperors, and was reserved only for the royals. They called it by the name of their god of natural disasters, among other things, Tezcatlipoca.

It was said to have all been lost by the Spanish conquest, but descendants of the royals managed to grow it in secrecy. It is now kept exclusive to the Mexican drug cartel, La Familia Michoacana. Those not associated who possess it, use it, or even think of doing either, will be hunted down and killed.
Some say Smoking Mirror is worth the death that will follow using it.
by Sleeping Willow January 25, 2011
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The most potent weed ever. Originated in the Aztecs. Smoke is Pure White. The mexican gangs are the only one who still grow it making it insanely rare. Sometimes some slips out of Mexico though. The only states to have smoking mirror are, California, Maryland, and New York.
Damn yo you got that smoking mirror?! That shits hella rare!
by k+j January 25, 2011
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For a women to fart during intercourse while the penis is still in the vagina in front of a mirror
Oh she pulled the old Seattle smoke and mirror trick on me last night
by Spliff deathstar March 4, 2023
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