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a dirtyfoot is a female who takes little to no care about how she looks or even sometime smells, but yet she feels as though she should be classified with more classier women. she has a house full of children, will do anything with anyone of the sexual nature for slim to none profits. She is uneducated, but will try and carry on an intellectual conversation all while using many words out of context. personal hygiene is of little importance, but love to hang around bars and expect for men to buy them drinks. Wearing dirty clothes is as common to them as a model wearing make-up. Not to mention the enormous amout of crud taking shelter on the bottom and around the bottom of their feet. so if you know anyone who fits if not one but all or a few, congradulate them on becoming a filthy ghetto dirtyfoot
Respectful men will realize that a dirtyfoot is not wife material
by sweetazzcandy June 01, 2011
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a lil country ass bumpkin who doesnt wear shoes...a southern girl...a true dirty foot is always pregnant, barefoot, smokin a cigarette and lives in a trailer.
visit the rual south and you will see plenty of dirty foots..
by general robert e lee April 08, 2006
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a person who does not wear shoes and the bottom of there feet is blackend by dirt.
yo...i met this girl at 7 11...she had the mad dirty foot goin on.
by Jay November 27, 2003
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A female or male that will do anything to sleep with someone or will sleep with anyone
I brought this girl back last night but she was not nothin to brag about cuz she was a dirtyfoot
by Grady Gilmer August 04, 2007
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A prostitute so worn out that she doesn't even put her shoes back on as she walks from house to house.
Last night we had a dirty foot party at my house.
by Chris1a2b January 11, 2006
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A individual who is not doing well with they hygene or appearance and walk outside barefeet basically an unclean tore down person
Shaquita aint nothin but an ole dirty foots always askin for some milk and pampers for her baby
by sonya November 17, 2003
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