The wonderful spicy goodness known to the common world as Doritos
I can't wait to eat me some dirty-hoes...
by Lala January 5, 2004
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a nasty chick who gives it up to any guy on the block
guy:when you gon let me hit
girl:anytime who want tell you boy over there if he want he can get it to
guy:never mind you dirty hoe
by charnizy November 5, 2006
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Pyper; a bitch who don't know how to keep her hornieness to herself and likes to send nudes to boys with girlfriends.
by U_a_fan_bitch_xoxo November 23, 2019
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A hoe that thinks she’s the shit and goes after every guy that her bestfriend likes then lies about it when she gets called out and she believes everyone likes her when no one really does, has a dirty ass pussy that smells like fish
Person 1: look at that dirty hoe over there!
Person 2: ewwww isn’t that keira?!?
Person 3: RUNNNN IF YOU DON’T WANT STDs!!!!!!!!!
by That_shit_hurts21 March 9, 2019
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Stupid electronic media teachers that go by Starr. Twinkle twinkle baby twinkle twinkle.
That dirty hoe emailed my mom even though I'm old enough to take care of business myself.
by Werewolf barmitzfah April 15, 2010
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