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The sister of the dirty sanchez. During sex, when the male licks or kisses the butt of the female, then comes up to kiss her on the mouth. Usually not appreciated.
If I could give just one dirty lopez, it would be to jennifer lopez. Man, would that piss her off!
by blavatsky January 31, 2005
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Laying on your back while recieving a BJ right before busting a nut, lift your legs up, lock your feet, and push your feet in. This forces the girls head down, making her deep throat. Then bust in the back of her throat. Don't let go until she swallows everything.
I was getting some head, and totally gave my girl a Dirty Lopez.
by Raul Lopez May 02, 2008
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When a man eats out a woman as fast as he possibly can.
Yeah dude she wanted to go all night but i just went down and gave her a dirty lopez bro.
by aarpero April 23, 2010
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The act of leaving a shit eyebrow on a girl's forehead.
That bitch at the salon used so much eyebrow pencil that it looked like she gave me a Dirty Lopez.

My cock was so covered in shit that I could give her a Dirty Sanchez and a Dirty Lopez.
by BunnySkynet May 12, 2011
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