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The sister of the dirty sanchez. During sex, when the male licks or kisses the butt of the female, then comes up to kiss her on the mouth. Usually not appreciated.
If I could give just one dirty lopez, it would be to jennifer lopez. Man, would that piss her off!
by blavatsky January 31, 2005

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Allegedly originated in the dirty south. A sexual position in which the male stands on the floor, and the female lays spread eagle on the bed, allowing for maximum pounding and leg thrusts. See also Kentucky Leg Dangle.
I gave her the Alamaba standing screw, and now she walks with a limp.
by Blavatsky January 06, 2005

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A large woman (often from the deep south), whose round and lumpy shape can be attributed to a diet of heavy sugars and starches (with an emphasis on home cooking, i.e meat and potatoes). Often seen in sedentary jobs like cashier, bank teller, or fast food employee. (Tater is southern slang for potato.)
That girl has never missed a meal, and she looks it; she's a damn tater eater.
by Blavatsky January 06, 2005

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A computer user who uses low level languages like HTML and Javascript almost exclusively, and fears things like .NET, object oriented programming, and working with a team. Often in web design, or their mom's basement. Related to script kiddies, but usually less mischievious.
Now that I showed Jimmy the javascript alert command, he thinks he's a fucking script monkey.
by Blavatsky January 07, 2005

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