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Also known as "Budda's Dirty Donkey Fold" (BDDF), a rarely used sexual position available only to young, thin, and flexible women, usually those who are experienced in yoga and like to be dominiated.

In this position the woman begins on the edge of a bed, coffee table, or office desk, bent down on all fours doggy style. Then, with her ass facing the male (who is standing with his crotch against her ass), she bends down all the way until her head and breasts are pressed into her knees, her ass touches her ankles, and her feet stick off the edge of the bed just below her love box and poop shoot. At this point the male leans over the girl and pounds her while she's curled up into a ball.
Oh man, she climbed up on her bed and BEGGED me for the Dirty Donkey!
by Andy Port November 02, 2006
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