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when a female passes gas, and you suck it in and hold it, then blow it on her nose.
steve or whoever was licking nancy's asshole and she farts, steve then sucks it up and then blows the fart onto nancy's nose so she can smell it.
by momo April 14, 2005
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A mixed drink: Ginger ale, Bombay blue sapphire gin, cherry juice.
Nothing brings a crew together like a round of Dirty Steves and a stolen fishing pole.
by Texas Red March 12, 2009
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The act of buying multiple Swifer wet jets and bungee chords and inserting the bungee chords into your girl's butt-hole and mouth. Then proceeding to hang her from a high speed ceiling fan and turning it on. Finally take the Swifer wet jets you bought and, like a spear, aim to throw them into her vagina. This is a very widely practiced sex move today and you should try it.
"Why are there holes in the wall?"
"I'm still working on my aim when it comes to the Dirty Steve"
by DS-Dirty Steve October 18, 2012
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