Wet jet / wet jetting / wet jetted”: Used in lieu of the term “squirt” to refer to vaginal ejaculation.
“Oh my god my fiancé was gone for the weekend and when he came back he f*cked me so good I wet jetted all over the sheets. I never do that it was crazy!”
by alcremie9 May 17, 2021
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When a man ejaculates into a woman's nose which causes semen to go into her throat which is then swallowed.
Last night when I was getting a sniffer wet-jet I almost drowned.
by madeNchina January 03, 2007
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While 69'ing with your girlfriend, you shove her head close to your anus and let out a wet fart on her face.
by JOhnnyWalrus November 27, 2011
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