1 definition by MzPrincess

Slang for lean, sizzurp, codein. purple drank and other street names as well.

2 oz Codeine

1 12 oz can/bottle of Sprite (bottle makes it easier to mix as far as shaking the contents)

1 or 2 grape Jolly Ranchers

I crush a Xanax bar in mine

Shake it up and pour over ice. Sip and lean.

**Intensified with loud and alcoholic beverages

It'll make you lean, look stuck, or fall asleep in public. Sip slowly!
Future - Dirty Sprite

I'm on that Pimp C. I'm on that DJ Screw. I'm on that Big Hawk I don't know what to do. Pour up a 3 or 4 my sprite so dirty fool...my bitch remind me all the time that drank 'gon kill you.
by MzPrincess August 07, 2011
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