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Eddie Hatrick coined the phrase "dirty eggs" from his infamous ball sac tricks he plays with the lovely ladies. Usually a girl who is joining his weiner cousin list.

Eddie Hatricks famous "dirty eggs" menu: all eggs are served from the top position

"DOUBLE YOLK"- putting your sac on her nose bridge and letting the "eggs" yolk into her eyes, like cracking an egg

"DIRTY DOUBLE YOLK"- Eddie's tademark. See DOUBLE YOLK just add a rim job at the same time

"EGGS BENEDICK"- performing the "double yolk" while getting your sausage sucked, a move Eddie invented but cannot do

"DEVILED EGGS"- Placing you eggs on her nose and not letting them run down. Must have a boner.

"SCRAMBLED EGGS"- smashing your "eggs" onto her forehead and rubbing them in with style

"SCRAMBLED W/CHEESE"- same as "scrambled eggs" just with very dirty balls. Usually performed after Eddie has been dancing all night, or after lifting at the gym

"EGGS OVER EASY"- blowing your load and then performing the "scrambled eggs" while rubbing in the man lotion

"INDIAN EGGS"- While getting an egg hummer, you are sitting on the girls face giving her a brown Indian spot on her forehead

"CAVE CITY EGGS"- serving any style of eggs to a dude.
"Hey man I think I'm gonna take this girl home and serve her the "dirty eggs" menu."

Guy: "Hey there, how do you like your eggs in the morning?"
Girl: " I like 'em scrambled"
Guy: " How about Indian Style?"
by Carlito Brigante July 09, 2010
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Crack two large eggs into someones asshole and then they shit out the dirty eggs and a fresh log into a frying pan. You then cook up the eggs preferably scrambled and have yourself a nice lunch.
Man #1: Want to go out for dinner?

Man #2: No I can't I had a huge lunch, Sheela cooked up some dirty eggs.
by beedo202 December 18, 2010
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