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the act of spitting smokeless tobacco dip while also shitting on the toilet simultaneously.
I didn't finish my dip yet, so I was just dipshitting at that time.
by Outlawdipper August 04, 2009
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The sexual act of dipping crackers, vegetables, chips, etc. into your sexual partners bumhole to derive pleasure from her/him and to use the feces as dip for said crackers, vegetables, chips, etc.
Jaylen: Dude I tried the dipshit on my new girlfriend last night, it tasted nasty but she was moaning.
Ryan: Its an acquired taste man. I tried that recently with some carrots but they got stuck in her ass.
Jaylen: Nasty wtf, u must be bad at dipshitting. Also why would you use vegetables, crackers are the way to go.
Ryan: Well crackers break easier, plus I'm a vegan so I've got a veggie fetish
Jaylen: What the actual hell, this is the first I've heard of this.
by Boku No Rico September 05, 2016
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