1) smokeless tabacco.
2) to leave and fast.
3) dumb ass
dip 1. skoal, copenhagen, grizzly
dip 2. scram, flee
dip 3. beavis, butthead, good for nothings
by nisroc09 May 22, 2009
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(noun) an individual who displays exceptional qualities of utter stupidity and lack of common sense. The term was originally coined as an abreviation of "dip-shit", but has evolved to describe those who lack even more mental aptness then the common burger flipping dip-shit.
Wow what a dip!
You dip!
Our physics teacher was such a big dip.
by Dizzle Cizzle May 06, 2009
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Liquidy substance resembling acid that melts toons.
Judge Doom: Can you guess what this is?

Jessica Rabbit: Oh my God, it's DIP!

Judge Doom: That's right, my dear! Enough to dip Toon Town off the face of the earth! Vehicle of my own design; 5,000 gallons of heated dip, pumped at enormous velocity through a pressurized water cannon. Toon Town will be erased in a matter of minutes.
by Roger Rabbittt February 16, 2010
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term originated in chicago (chi-town) term for side piece/broad not your man women.
My dip know she be stressin me about time when she's know's she's the jump off.
by Capt. D. November 17, 2006
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Dip is a form of smokeless tobbacco, which is finer cut than chew, and is chemicially cured. Used by putting a "pinch" of the stuff between your bottom lip and gum, or less commonly the upper lip.

YOU DO NOT CHEW ON DIP! The result would be a disgusting mess, and would most likely cause you to swallow some. Swallowing dip will make make you feel very sick, and you will more than likely puke.

Used commonly among males in the Southeast US. About 75% of the males in my area use dip, including me.
Non-dipper: That shit is disgusting!

Me: It's just ground up plants you fucktard. Here, try some.

Non-dipper: Ok!
*puts a fat dip in*
This stuff is great!

Non-dipper then procedes to vomit, as I look on and laugh.
by GROZZLEH March 12, 2009
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A person displaying characteristics of being silly, ridiculous, and/or idiotic, in an endearing manner or context.
You're such a dip!

You may be the hugest DIP I've ever encountered!

Yo mama's such a dip, she'd go well with chips!
by girlfromthenorthcountry August 31, 2010
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to run fast away from something
Jeff dipped when he saw the Po-Po's
by BigJeff December 09, 2003
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