1 n. A pickpocket

2 D.I.P. = drunk in public the abbreviation used in police arrests
As the fluff saps the mark, the dip rips the wad.
by England phi beta gamma March 07, 2008
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A pill that makes you feel like a better person, and helps you sleep and laugh. Xanax, probably says Alprozolam on mommies script. Come in white (football shaped), peach (football shaped), blue (football shaped), white (tombstones-rectangular shape), X3 (triangular).
Conversion chart: About...
2 football whites in a peach, 2 peach in a blue, 2 blues in a tombstone, one and a half tombstones in an x3 (the three refers to blues or 1 milligram x 3)
1.Fuck, I just blew a load in my bitch raw cuz' I'm all dipped out.
2.I love dips.
3.I was dip ballin' yesterday, and I swear I have a dip hangover.
4.Yo, I was all dipped out...(sleep)
5.I made my mom mad when I swallowed some of her dips.
by The Zan Man December 14, 2005
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To slowly thrust the derriere out while bending the legs and using a Texan accent to cry "DIIIIIIIIIIPPPPPPPPP." A movement of excitement resulting from joy and happiness.
All the teens were dipping on the dance floor.

The cowboy dipped after he had collected his cattle.

Boy I am so happy i could just dip!
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1) smokeless tabacco.
2) to leave and fast.
3) dumb ass
dip 1. skoal, copenhagen, grizzly
dip 2. scram, flee
dip 3. beavis, butthead, good for nothings
by nisroc09 May 22, 2009
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When used in its acronymical form, representing the terms "Doing" "It" and "Partner." A DIP is therefore a person with whom one engages in sexual intercourse/activities. The term can be used as a substitution for girl/boyfriend or in reference to an individual with whome one is only 'messing around.'
Yeah, I always see him with his DIP these days, never has any time for us.

Girlfriend?!? Fuck that, she's just my weekend DIP.
by Blastography June 19, 2004
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