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A dinner date with someone you met from tinder.
I can't go to the movies with you Friday because I have a dinder.

My best friend met her new boyfriend after he asked her out for a dinder.
by nella007 January 14, 2014
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A person who has no control over his/her usage of internet and has no shame in using a mobile phone during dinner. Will use the phone also in other social situations, but gets the most amount of attention during dinner for browsing his/her phone.
Don't be such a dinder, we're trying to eat!

Look at that guy, he's such a dinder - can't put his phone away for dinner...
by #tw8dle January 27, 2014
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When two men with common interests get together on a train ride and unload each other's stresses onto each other after hard days work.
Hey Chuck, once we exit the restroom let's Dinder before home.
by jimmy tickler March 29, 2017
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