Kind of like a dunce, but dunce-ier.
"Wow, he's so busy hanging out with his girlfriend that he won't even talk to us."
"Yeah, dince alert."
by treewood69 February 24, 2014
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Two adults married or non-married living together, both working jobs. Only supporting themselves, or being without children. In other words, Double Income No Children or DINC
by Ben Powell-Francis March 28, 2006
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Referring to a cellular smart phone sold by Verizon named (Droid Incredible).
Hey I will call you back on my Dinc.
by Chris Wareham September 29, 2010
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drama in the community
a degree that can be taken

BA HONS Drama In The Community
Student- Whos making all that noise
Student 2- Ah its the DINC's

by becca October 23, 2007
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getting tricked by a hottie to go home with her...
oh my god, last night i got dinced and liked it...
by latelight Mcgee May 9, 2008
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hinar dinc is sude and bugras dad
by aysexx68 July 31, 2021
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This word is a made up "swear word" to be used by babysitters with kids, when they are not able to use actual foul language. Art of the usage depends in others reacting as if one said a very foul word. It is common in the southwest suburbs of Chicago and parts of Wisconsin, spreading likely from common families.
"Kids, start behaving. Stop being such a Dince "

"Oh my, the kids were such dinces today"
by Char Lit July 30, 2022
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