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i met god.
and shes white.

her name is dillyn.

and she fucked my wife.
"hey have you met dillyn?"
"yeah i hate her, stupid dumb stupid dumb stupid dumb retar my carpets"
by fart master 29 June 03, 2018
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An amazing, interesting mindset that allows the user to create special worlds for all to enjoy!!!

A perfect manly physique that no man, women, he/she, or transvestite could resist..... and a physique that only few can achieve.

A way with words. Being good at formulating a creative sentences.
Dude, that perspective is so Dillyn!

You're such a sexy beast, you have a Dillyn bod. Wish i could get that.

Your writing has such a Dillyn touch.
by The Great Dude Definers December 11, 2010
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An amazing guy who deserves to be happy, he's super spectacular and can make you smile a lot. He always has something about him that makes everyone love him. He has been through a lot but that doesn't stop him. He's a good person and has a super personality. If you get yourself a Dillyn love him as long as you can and never let him go because there is no one and will never be anyone like him!!
I want a Dillyn!

I want my boyfriend to treat me like a Dillyn!
by Mickeyyy_xiivi August 15, 2017
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Dillyn is a strong independent guy,very attractive,he is also very manipulative, people say he has a small dick but he makes girls walk funny when hes done fucking her
Dillyn has a really big dick
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