1. without worry, concern, or fuss
2. low maintenance
3. one who is confidently secure in being different or unique

The origin of the term has its roots in surfing. In the late 1970s (early 1980s), a group of surfers playing around with the term “dilligaf” (an acronym: “Does it look like I give a F#@&”) shortened it to “dilla”. The term dilla was soon incorporated into the surf and skate culture where it formed its own unique meaning. Throughout the years, the term has continued to seep into various cultures.
Those surfers really have a dilla attitude about life.
Albert Einstein had a dilla hair style.
I’m dilla about dressing up in my jester outfit and walking around campus
by basics101 January 8, 2017
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stands for dealer; your loving and endearing friend who provides all of the illicit drugs to you. dilla is a more generic definition in that it stands for the concept of dealing, and how there is a dealer in all of us. Everyone has a specific drug they appreciate, they just might not know it yet. Exemplifies the concept that there is an outlaw in all of us, however focuses specifically in the context of drug dealing.
Person A:"My dealer came to my house the other day because i needed to get some dime bags"
Person B:"There's a dilla in all of us"

Person A1:"What up mike"
mike:"What up dilla"
by Rye in my eye June 18, 2011
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Last Name reffering to an infamous producer
J dilla, or Nick Dilla from Chicago, Illinois
by Nick Gregory February 27, 2008
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(noun) Almost always a male. Has a hulking physique, great calves, and normally plays hockey. But also has the physique and athleticism to play basketball if necessary. Almost always have hair that grows quickly, so they get their haircut often.
That dilla was crazy. He dunked on me and called me a bender. I wish I had his calves.
by HaNkShAkuR December 24, 2010
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Slang word for "foreskin," mainly used by younger latinos in US.
"No, I'm not circumcised..I still have my dilla."
by Markky August 26, 2011
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An endearing nickname for a deaf dog which lives her life with zest, love and loyalty.
Wednesday, you are my dilla!
by Lisa February 12, 2005
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A slang term used for "quesadilla"
"Mama! Make me a mothafuckin dilla"
by the dillanater January 20, 2012
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