Digitard: An individual so immersed in digital technologies (smartphones, social media etc) that they have lost the ability to exercise common sense in practical, day-to-day, real world situations.

A digitard tends to claim superior tech-savvy, particularly as it relates to smartphones, social media or any flavor-of-the-month technology. A digitard does navigate the latest mobile/social media interface with ease - but lacks the slightest clue as to how the back-end of the given technology works, nor the ability to use the technology effectively.

Digitards tend to spew minutia of their daily lives on social media, have an incestuous habit of posting pictures of their latest meal/significant other/status etc or brag about being the first to own the latest gadget . While these announces may be harmless to others, a digitard's over-reliance on technology can lead to some unpleasant real-life situations:

1. Getting hit by a car while crossing the street, because they had their eyes glued to the smartphone.

2. Getting stranded in the middle of nowhere because the GPS coordinates they found online just had to, had to, had to be correct.

3. Losing the innate human capacity to establish meaningful, fulfilling and lasting real-world connections that can lead to life-long friendships, love and success in all aspects of life.

One key point to remember: A digitard does not consume digital technologies - the digital technologies consume the digitard.
Example: A digitard got hit by a truck today. He had his face so stuck on his latest phone, that he failed to hear the 16-wheeler approach.

Example: A digitard was working the GPS to find the shortest route to the convenience store across the street.
by Don Mil January 27, 2014
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Anyone who has difficulty using technology for even the most basic of tasks such as having a hard time making a call on a cell phone or trying to access the internet on the microwave.
My 80 year old grandma is such a digitard, she actually thought she could play the .m4a files she downloaded from iTunes on her Dell DJ.
by The Doke June 4, 2006
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Digitard - "Digitarded" - digitally retarded: people collectively who are digitally retarded. An individual that lacks digital comprehension.
"Bob has some digital retardation, in fact he's a digitard, I had to show him how to attach a file to an email yesterday"
by Dan McGreevy February 3, 2009
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