digistracted: Being completely absorbed by a smart phone or tablet while in public; driving, walking, or when with friends.
1. The reason nobody watches where they're going any more is because they are totally digistracted. Digistracted driving should be a new category of crime!
2. I told Heather when and where to meet us, but she was so digistracted I don't think she heard a word of it!
by umgume duwatt April 17, 2014
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The constant distraction caused by all kinds of digital media like blog articles, newsletters, mailing-lists, videos, podcasts, mp3-files etc. (based on 'digital' and 'distraction')
He never finishes anything because of constant digistraction.
"I'm sorry, I'm a victim of digistraction."
Oscar Wilde (updated): "I can resist anything except digistraction."
by Jochen Lueders April 18, 2007
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