1.Noun; Someone who is particulary interested in tennins, grinding, and violating the terms of nonaggression pacts.
2.Adjective; Used to describe a person who expresses qualities of a dietz.
3.Verb; The act of being dietz, or doing things in a dietz-like manner.
4.Interjection; A word often shouted by tankbiggs and people similar to tankbiggs to express happiness, anger, or general discontent.
1. Man, that dietz sure is fat.
2. That so dietz, three effing outs....
3. I'm gonna go dietz (play tennis)
4. DIETZ!!!
by Macks May 1, 2005
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someone who is particularly adept at sucking members of other males, oftentimes homosexual; swallows.

used to describe someone (either male or female) who is unusually skilled at performing fellatio upon members of the male sex.
Dude dietz gave me the best head ever! He even swallowed all of my clam chowder!

Hey bro, that bitch last night was a total dietz!
by BTKycee Killer February 27, 2009
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A brand of nuts. It comes in multiple forms including meat nuts.
Person 1: Hey dude you want some of dietz nuts?
Person 2: What???
Person 1: Yeah, you want some of dietz meaty nuts in your mouth?
by cockulus the endless September 7, 2021
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/Dētz Nəts/
A popular snack made by the company Dietz and Watson made from meat
Friend: What are those?
You: These? Dietz Nuts. Dietz & Watson, Dietz nuts.
Friend: Those are nuts?
You: Dietz nuts aren’t nut nuts, Dietz Nuts are… meat nuts.
Friend: Those are me nuts?
You: Meat nuts. They’re Dietz nuts.
Friend: Can I get one of those?
You: Go ahead, grab a hand-full of Dietz nuts… yeah, get a good grip in there.
You: Hey Friend, how Dietz Nuts taste… are they delicious?
You: What a fun snack.
by Soup Earth Society October 8, 2021
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meat nuts that the company Dietz & Watson made in 1939
Gabe: "Hey Clark! I bought some Dietz Nuts, do you want some Dietz Nuts Clark??"
Clark: "What kind of nuts are they?"
Gabe: "Meat nuts"
by rikaninini April 12, 2022
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You:What are those?

Your friend:Oh these? Dietz nuts.
You:Can i have some?
Your friend: Sure, grab a good handful in them😳Get a good grip in there😏
by The Dwayne Rock Johnson January 6, 2022
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