Like its predecessors and, is a minimalist 2-D MMO game where you level up by first consuming things scattered around the map, then other players whom you think you can take on. Except this time, instead of controlling cells or snakes, you control tank (or more precisely, circles with shooty squares attached to them). There is a whole tree of tank types you can level up to have, as well as specific aspects of your tank (bullet penetration, speed, health regen, etc.) you can level up.

Like its predecessors, addictive as fuck. It has 4 game modes, 3 more than either other game.
Student: "Dude, I just got a score of 250,000 while playing the Booster class in"
Teacher: "This is why you failed the last project, Atkins."
by SMLJRON July 11, 2016
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a game played by an individual by the name of "Diepmaster"
Guy 1: Yo did you see him playing
Guy 2: Yeah he was right after he ate his burnt quesadillas.
by seeligfamm December 4, 2017
Get the mug. is a game about tanks and evolution,Team games to domination
Guy 1:Dude i thought maybe we could play some today.
Guy 2:Sure Man
by Om3gaWallflez April 27, 2018
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Killing someone with one shot when they are at full health
The one shot in was OP
by GalaxieBoi Gaming March 3, 2022
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