A male who enjoys having penises in his mouth; a gay guy who likes to suck dicks.
That guy is a dicksmoke. I have proof! I saw him blow Old Man Withers last weekend.
by Wang Delicious January 28, 2003
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a fat bitch ass old woman who is very ugly and probably has her hair died either blue or green.
by joperk12 March 30, 2007
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someone who gets on thier knees for the boss!
Nathan is Don's dicksmoker!
by coastworm October 8, 2003
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When your patty is in a steam roller connected to a gas mask used for smoking doob and you simultaneously fellate yourself (See "autofellatio}") and take a nice big toke.
"Hey, Bob, believe you me: when ya dicksmoke, beware the moneyshot. Not a good taste with tha weed"
by Dill dOugh February 18, 2004
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Any college class a professor schedules past 5pm, particularly one you have to take for your major.
"Ugh, I have to take this math class from 6:15 to 8:00, and it's the only time that I can take it with my schedule"
"Damn bro, that's a total dicksmoker"
by elgamel September 12, 2022
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