The result of men holding out on having sex with their significant other. The man gains control in the relationship and is able to do however he pleases, while the female yearns for his attention and sex.
Shaun used his Dick power to get Carol to buy him a Harley Davidson.
by Vice President January 31, 2015
big dick powers are the three powers big dick niggas have. There’s three of these powers.
Power 1: You’re bold; jump into action (as in sexual interactions)
Power 2: You know how to please women; in such cases as making them happy or just horny very easily.
Power 3: just got to have a big dick and can make a woman scream; or so called break the woman.
That nigga Gorbachev some big dick powers because he fucks girls so easily.
by XXXPUSSYBOY December 30, 2019
a guy that is a hot head super dominant that thinks he is the toughest man on the planet
hey jason who was that hitting on your girl friend?

oh thats fred he is such a fuckin power dick
by theskilo December 10, 2007
The act of injecting one's penis with steroids in order to give someone hot dickings full of roid rage.
Yesterday I used 5 needles in order to get ready for the power dicking session. Afterwards though, the bitch was found dead after i killed her due to roid rage.
by skulldark May 27, 2009
Juice from a male or female penis. Once you drink it you become invincible, and to extract it you must squeeze it as hard as you can. Then Shit on it.
Dick Juice that's power full is best drink in the world
by ihjg0rhfv8eh0 August 30, 2017